Our Mission

Pretzels With A Purpose

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Our Mission

We decided to start a gourmet pretzel business and donate 10% to two amazing organizations: The Refuge for DMST and Windows of Heaven Global Healing Centers. The Refuge is a place where child survivors of sex trafficking can find safety and have access to proper therapeutic services for healing. Their mission is "to to provide trauma-informed, long-term restoration community with on-site services for girls who have been exploited through sex trafficking". It is truly an honor to partner with them. Windows of Heaven Global Healing Centers (wohghc) mission is to provide total restoration to trauma victims including the mind, body, soul & spirit. We have partnered with them specifically to help women and children coming out of abusive situations.

We are also excited to expand and be able to provide good paying jobs for those coming out of abuse or other unfair situations.  The dream is to have pretzels kitchens all over the US with the hope of reaching more and being able to give more!

My daughter EmmaLeigh says “We want to fight trafficking one pretzel at a time!”​

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