Our Partners

Join us in the fight against human trafficking! We support these organizations that seek to provide support and resources for victims of human trafficking and exploitation.

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Our Partners

Because we at SGP have a heart for helping those who have been taken advantage of, abused, or mistreated, we partner with the following organizations to help fund the difference they are making... and the great news is every time you buy from us YOU ARE HELPING THEM TOO! 

Windows of Heaven Global Healing Centers

Windows of Heaven Global Healing Centers (WOHGHC) mission is to provide total restoration to trauma victims including the mind, body soul & spirit. We have partnered with them specifically to help women and children coming out of abusive situations.
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The Refuge for DMST

The Refuge for DMST was launched in November 2013 with a very specific mission: to provide trauma-informed, long-term restoration community with on-site services for girls who have been exploited through sex trafficking.
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What makes The Refuge and Windows of Heaven Global Healing Centers different from “similar” organizations?

After much research, one of the three reasons we chose these 2 distinct organizations is the fact they both understand healing trauma is multi-faceted and can take several years. Next, both understand the value of love and respect for ALL people. Finally, they use a combination of new technologies and time honored tools in a collaborative setting to maximize the healing journey, enabling them to provide care with a very high success rate of total restoration! 

These 3 factors set them apart from most other organizations available for women and children rescued from abuse. Often only temporary locations are available, that tend to “bandaid” trauma victims wounds.  One of those “bandaids” might even include FORCED religious training.  Forced religion lacks the love and respect needed for total healing.  Because of either of these things, or a combination of both, these survivors are often discharged before complete healing takes place. This is very devastating, and can set victims up to being vulnerable to returning to the abusive situations they were rescued from. Victims never return to abusive situations because they want to, but often it’s simply because this is the only life they know. They have not received the healing they need to develop skills to adequately protect themselves. 

Both organizations understand healing trauma often requires years of imparting these skills. They both follow a holistic model of services for healing and restoration. The areas addressed are medical/physical, psychological, spiritual, educational, social/relational, independent living/job skills, and community connections (including with family/relatives when appropriate). Because these organizations realize total restorative healing often takes years, they have no predetermined amount of time that each survivor can take full advantage of their restorative services.

While both organizations are Christian based, they realize Jesus is all about showing respect and allowing us to choose. Because of this, while there are various opportunities to help these women and children learn about God’s love and salvation, this is never forced.  Love and Respect are of the utmost value – something these precious survivors of abuse have often never experienced.

These important elements help prevent survivors of trauma from returning to abusive situations. This also enables them the opportunity to have the abundant life Christ came to give. 
Full restoration is the goal of both organizations.  

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