About Our Family

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About Our Family

(Above picture: Us with our very relieved Pap right after he finished the project of turning our garage into a kitchen)

In Spring of 2011, our family was preparing to adopt. I encouraged my kids to pray about how God would provide for this adoption. Soon after praying, my 11 year old daughter, Sarah, told me she felt we should go door to door selling chocolate covered pretzels. I really only agreed to this to support her and secretly prayed people would buy the pretzels so we didn’t lose money on the endeavor. Long story short, we quickly sold out. Several people volunteered to put our pretzels in their workplace and within a short period of time we were in 32 locations. Our fundraiser was in full swing and God provided us the money for the adoption through our pretzel sales.

Fast forward … 10 years later. I found myself a single mom with a need to provide for my children, paired with a burning passion to help women and children in abusive situations... Then I learned child sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in America, I knew I had to do something! - Pretzels with a purpose! 

In honor of my oldest daughter Sarah's door to door chocolate covered pretzel idea many years ago, we decided to name our business “Sarah’s Gourmet Pretzels.”

And that's how this women family owned chocolate company was born! 

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